Webmarks – 3

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Here is another installment of Webmarks for you. This time β€œwe” πŸ˜‰ are bringing forward a website that offers computer science courses. Mostly people know only websites like Coursera, Udacity and edX. But the website for today is a lesser known one and takes a completely different approach.

Saylor Academy

So, we were talking about a different approach taken by Saylor. In the modern web dominated approach learning is achieved by learning from various sources on the web. This is the approach taken by Saylor Academy. Each course offered by Saylor has content mostly from other websites/courses. Saylor has just organized the best content for you in the form of a course with proper targets.

You can either take courses independently under its Career-Related courses section or take part in full curricula which includes all the courses in order in which they should be taken. It also includes foundational courses like CS101, Statistics, Reasoning, etc. It also offers Business Administration Program under the full curricula but we are CS people so will look into Computer Science Program.

That’s it for today. Comment how you like the website.

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