Webmarks – 2

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Welcome back guys! Here is the next post in the series Webmarks.

Today’s Webmark is about learning programming again. But this time we are talking about videos.

Today’s website is:

WiBit.Net :: Learn to code from the ground up!


This is a very less known website to learn programming. But it really is very great. It goes into the topics in sufficient detail and with a very good pace. There is no real deadline, so you can work on your own will. They provide all the examples, so you can experiment on your own. Experimenting, by the way, is very important to learn programming.

It has a few programming courses right now. Some of them are: C, C++, Object Oriented Programming, Java, C#, etc. You can list them all on their courses page.

Plus it also has a course on scripting languages. But to access them you need to be a premium member.

Also the blog section of the website has some pretty good posts. So you can look into them as well.

So, that’s all for the second dose of Webmarks. Hope you liked it.

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