Evolution of Windows

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Hello readers, though I may have lost some for being so lazy 🙁 But here is a post after a long time:

The most common chatter around these days is about Windows 10. About how it is so good, how it is so bad. That it plays with your privacy without your consent. For example, everyone got so paranoid about how Windows 10  shares your Wi-Fi password to everyone in your contact without your permission. Though it may not be as much a thing to worry about. Read here.

Another serious problem that has been highlighted is how windows was distributing so many free upgrades at the same time to multiple users. What it did was use a torrent like approach and ate your bandwidth. If you have windows 10 on your system and are connected to the internet, other users downloading Windows 10 at that time will be provided some of the files from your system. Thus, eating your Internet’s data – frightening isn’t it? Though you can disable this option but it is enabled by default.

So going through all this, it struck me how Windows has evolved from nothing to what it is today. I remember using Windows 98 on my old PC around 2001. How it looked then and what it looks like now. All this got me to search through the depths of internet about the history of Windows and I came across this awesome illustration/Web Page. Do look into it :

Evolution of Windows

Don’t forget to move your mouse over the blinking white dots in each section, they serve you with some pretty interesting information.

So that’s all for today. Hope you find the link informative and fun. Do subscribe for new blogs to be delivered right into your inbox.


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