This page describes what this blog is all about and about its authors.

About the authors:

Tapan Anand

My name is Tapan Anand and I am currently working at Adobe Systems, Noida as a Developer. I pursued my B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering at MNNIT, Allahabad. I am the founding author of Ktreat. I am a not so nerdy geek who has great interest in learning about computers – learning different technologies, how different technologies work, etc. This Blog is an effort from me to share the knowledge I gain about computer science with all of you. I’ll try to be as regular as possible.

Saurabh Singhal

Hi! I am Saurabh Singhal. I am pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering at MNNIT, Allahabad. I joined Ktreat some time after its inception. As someone who likes to learn something all the time, I thought of joining Ktreat to share whatsoever little I have learned. I’ll try to be comprehensive in my posts.


Ktreat is here to give you knowledge beyond Placement. It’s more about interest than learning things for placement and other forced reasons.

Q1. Will I gain Knowledge here?

Ans. Of course you will after all it’s Ktreat – “K” for Knowledge.

Q2. What kind of knowledge will I gain?

Ans. Knowledge related to Computer Science but not limited to any particular field of it.

Q3. Why Beyond Placement?

Ans. It’s not like this blog will be anti-placement. In fact everything you read here will increase your chances of getting placed in a very good company. What I mean by Beyond Placement is that I want to share my ever unsatisfied hunger for knowledge about computers and want you to learn things not for placement purposes only but for learning itself.

Q4. How can I stay in touch?

Ans. You can like the facebook page and we’ll post new updates there. You can also opt for newsletter subscription facility as well to receive updates right into your mailbox. Do it below:


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Please comment below for any suggestions on what should I write on this page or in the future posts or for providing feedback, etc.