A new feature on the blog – Webmarks – Part 1

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Hello all, here is another treat for you all. This time I am introducing a new regular feature on my blog in which I’ll be posting a review of a useful website for Computer Science people weekly. The feature is named Webmarks denoting the important places on the web just like the ones on the land are called landmarks.

The idea behind this comes from the fact that there are a number of websites that are not known to many of us but are awesome in their own ways. And I believe that for Computer Scientists Websites are everything and the more the merrier. So here I am with very first website in this series.

The Website is:

Learn X in Y minutes


The website is simply awesome specially if you want to learn a programming language quickly – may be for completing your project in a few days time 😛 . The style or the way of teaching they use is quite good. The style is called: “inline code tutoring”. When you set out to learn a new language, the most important thing you need to understand is the Syntax of the language. The inline code tutorials do just that. You are shown a long code with everything that the language entails. Each line has a comment around it explaining everything about it, covering all the cases.

So, you will not only be learning the syntax of the language but also how to exactly write code in that language, the minute details of the language, etc.

The website is completely community driven and even you can submit an inline code tutorial of your own.

Other than the languages it also has tutorials for tools like git.

As an added advantage, it also gives you the experience of reading documented codes and to understand the importance of comments in codes. Overall, you substitute the X and Y values in the website name – i.e. you can go at your own pace, but the inline style of tutoring makes you learn things quickly.

So that’s all for the first post under Webmarks. Do comment your views about this series.



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